Volta problems

• Nov 17, 2013 - 18:25

1. The online handbook advises Shift+- to extend volta line rightwards to cover multiple bars
The local handbook states Shift + right arrow to do this
The latter seems to be the correct way (?)

2. I cannot extend a volta line rightwards to include a multi-bar rest - is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance for help anybody can offer


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There are two different handbooks available if you click on Help at the top of the page when working on a score - the Local Handbook (Musescore-en.pdf p43) advises Shift + right arrow (which works for me) and the online one (musescore.org/en/handbook/volta) advises Shift + - which has no effect.
And yes, I am double clicking into Edit mode.
I don't have a problem now, but am reporting this so that nobody else has to waste as much time as I did before finding the answer!

I don't want to have to break the multi-measure rest - it has 30 bars!

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See my previous response, which perhaps crossed with yours. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn't have to break mutlimeasure rests in order to add a volta. You are supposed to add voltas to the *score*, not to the individual parts. The score would normally have multmeasure rests turned off. Then when you generate parts, the parts will automatically turn on multimeasure rests, and any voltas entered correctly into the score will automatically be propagated correctly into the parts, breaking them where necessary. Everything is supposed to happen automatically, although there are some quirks on how this works, so you might have to set the break multimeasure rest property manually in the measure that starts the volta.

Anyhow, if for some unusual reason you are creating parts manually rather than extracting them automatically from the score, then indeed, you will have to break the mutimeasure in order to add voltas - but only temporarily. Simply turn the option off, add you volta, then turn the option back on.

It's an unfortunate effect of the font used to display the right arrow character that it might look like a plain dash on some browsers at some zoom settings on some monitors at some resolutions, but in any case, it's definitely a right arrow.

As for multimeasure rests, it's true you need to break them first if you want to extend a volta in them, But in normal use, this would never come up. Voltas would normally be entered into the score itself, not the extracted parts, and the score would never have multimeasure rests turned on in the first place. Assuming you've created the volta correctly in the score (attached to the top staff), it is automatically handled correct in the extracted parts. So I wonder, are you perhaps not aware you can create a score and extract parts automatically, and are making things unnecessarily difficult for yourself?

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Thanks Marc

I'm not sure what you mean by "extract parts"

My score is a standard SATB 4-part arrangement which I want to look thus:

1st time ends with 30 bars rest to indicate to the singers that there is an instrument solo during which they are tacet. 2nd time they omit the 30 bars and continue singing to the end of the score.
Obviously I want a single bar showing the figure 30 rather than 30 blank bars, but cannot get the 1st time volta to include the single multi-measure rest bar.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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By "extract parts", I mean that was assuming you were starting from an actual score that contains both the instrumental and vocal parts. You'd enter thev olta on that score, then hit the button to have the instrumental and the vocal parts both extractied to their own files. Sounds like maybe that's not the case? You don't actually have a full score that includes the instrumental parts? Did you perhaps start from a printed vocal part and tried to just re-enter that manually for some reason. A little more background on what you actually ared ealing with here would help.

But in any case, the method i describea bive is still a way to get this going. Temporarily turn off multimeasure rests on the vocal part. Extend the volta, then turn the mm rests back on. Should take more than a few seconds.

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