2nd repeat line bug?

• Nov 27, 2013 - 00:52

I am using a nightly version and something weird just happened (crash).

I highlighted a bar where the second repeat line starts and tried to insert a bar there.
The program crashed! I did this several times with the same results.

I chose a bar further in the piece and was able to insert a bar there.
So it's this second repeat line that is complaining. :(

Then I tried this experiment to get me out of my jam.
I deleted the second repeat line and then tried to insert my bar there.
It worked!
Then I added back the repeat line.
All seems well again, but there may be a bug somewhere here related to this.


I decided to carry out an experiment to see if I could replicate the 'bug' with a fresh piece.
First I tried it with V. 1.3 but couldn't replicate it.

Then I moved back to the Nightly build:

Fresh piece, one instrument.
Created about 10 bars, one note per bar.

Made a repeat for a few bars.
Then added a first and a second ending (lines).

I tried to insert a bar at the *first* bar of the second repeat.
It worked.

Then I tried to insert a bar at the *second* bar of the second repeat and the program crashed with the familiar error:
Runtime Error!
This app has requested the Runtime to terminate ....

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