Pedal Playback Stops After A While

• Nov 27, 2013 - 23:00

Hello, I am arranging a piece and need the pedal held for the entire song. I put the pedal from Lines palette on the first note and using (Shift + →) dragged it to the last note. Upon playback the sustain sounds perfectly until measure 119 (there's a total of 142 measures). This abrupt halt kills the beauty of the playback.
Is there any fix for this?

Thanks in advance.


Best would be to post the score you are havig problems with to see if others can reproduce. And say what version of MuseScore and what OS. Also, try it using a nightly build of 2.0 (see Downloads link in menu at right of this page) to see if this already fixed. I might guess it's a limitation in fluidsynth, which is what MuseScore uses internally for playback. It's not normaly that pedal would ever be left down that long, and I could imagine you've hit some sort of internal limit.

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