How to write different lyrics at different parts within same staves

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sometimes in notes for choirs different parts (soprano, alto) have different lyrics, for example while soprano is singing one syllable with one long tone alto is singing several shorter syllables with shorter tones. I hope you understand what I mean.

How can I write such lyrics in Musescore?


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You should use differents voices on the same staff to write differents rythms for soprano and alto like in your example.

In this case, you will be able to write others syllabes for each voice of the staff.

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thanks for your answers.

If I say stave, I mean one group of five lines where notes are placed. A group of several staves is an accolade. My question actually refers to the case if I want to have the parts in the same stave. I attach a picture which shows what I mean. Is this possible in Musescore?

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From the picture I see you want lyrics for soprano above and for alto below staff. This is possible, but as I mentioned in not as easy and straight forward as one would wishfor. You'd first enter it as 'normal' lyrics below the staff, then select and drag it to above. Unfortunately it still takes space below the staff, so the 2nd line (for alto) may appear too low. Getting this sorted involves playing with the settings.
The next version will have different setting for even and odd lyrics, which might help here (1.3 has this too, but it just doesn't work)

BTW: a group of several staves is a system, not an accolade. I believe what we in German mean by Akkolade in English is a grand staff (US) or great stave (UK), like the 2 staves for piano. This is something to consider when thinking about the various stettings for staff/system/accolade distance ...

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But, finaly, the best way is to write separate parts for each voice : soprano/alto...

The problem of the format and the size of the system can be resolve with the scale in parameter's page if it's needed.

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Well, a 4-stave SATB open score takes about twice the amount of space and pages compared to a 2-stave 2-voice closed score... Multiply by the number of choir members and you can save a forrest :-)

Style -> Edit General Style -> Page.
Enter a value of -14 (negative fourteen) into Lyrics Upper Margin.
Click on the first note in the upper voice, press [Ctrl]-L and enter the lyrics as usual.
Now click on the first note in the lower voice, press [Ctrl]-L and then press the [Enter] key a few times to take the lyric entry for that line down below the stave.

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Now I have another problem I did not think of before. For example, I wrote the lyrics for soprano and alto in the way underquark described (thank you very much) and later I want to isert an element like crescendo in the attachment. Is there a comfortable way to move the wholle alto lyrics (not each word separately) without moving the soprano lyrics?

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Thank you. I have already thought I have to ctrl-select each syllable separatly to drag them all at once. Such things are not in the handbook, where do you know them from. Is there any other manual or something like that?

Some information, concise, you can find it in the How-to
A lot of information is in the forum (but not easy to find them).

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