MuseScore 2.0??

• Dec 3, 2013 - 00:07

I have gotten the impression from the Font Discussion group that MuseScore 2.0 is available. Is this true? If this isn't true will I be notified when it is available for download?

Need I say I've been waiting a long time?

For the record: even though I have a few negative things to say concerning MuseScore 1.3 I Love it very much. MuseScore has improve my life and has give me a bigger desire to create and enjoy music. I have recommended and have urged my friends at church to download it.



No, it's not available, except as nightly builds of the experimental development version. See the Downloads link in menu at right of this page. It's semi-stable, meaning it works well enough to try out and test new features, but it's not suited for real work.

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There is no conflict with exist versions. The only answer you're likely to get any time soon as to when 2.0 might be released is, "when it's ready". But FWIW, I actually find that it *is* stable for some amount of significant use, as long as you don't mind the fact that there will be bugs to workaround and it's quite likely scores created in any given nightly build won't open in the nightlies a few weeks down the road.

Dear Lafayette,
I hope that MuseScore 2.0 will be available and I´m looking forward to it´s coming out. I like MuseScore, it has really changed my life. Before I heart about MuseScore I worked with "Forte" - it was horrible. Only 8 Instruments in the free version were possible, working with the computer keyboard (when you press the button "c" MuseScore writes a "c" into the lines) was also not possible.
Until Version 1.3 you had only the option "hide empty staves" (at "style/edit general style/score". I heared that in Version there will also come the option "don´t hide empty staves in the first system". Especially to this I´m looking forward.


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