Export to MusicXML - incorrect new-page left-margin

• Dec 12, 2013 - 18:02
S4 - Minor

When exporting to MusicXML, some page break are added which doesnot exist in the MuseScore file and these new-page have an incorrect left-margin (very large).
in the attached files, invalid new-page at measures 89, 93, 98, 104, 114, 120, 125, 129, 135, 140 & 144.


OS: Windows 7 sp1 - 64bit
MuseScore: version 1.3 revision 5702

More details:
The score have fixed line-break at each end of line; Importing the musicXML to another software could result in different line computation with automatic line-break before the fixed line-break but there is no reason that MuseScore introduces spurious line-break or page-break when exporting to MusicXML.
Importing the MusicXML to MuseScore doesnot show the problem: MuseScore ignores the invalid page-break it has put when exporting the file. To analyse the problem, one must look inside the XML file with a text editor or import to another software.
When changing the position of fixed line break (suppression of fixed line-break, setting at one measure earlier, setting at one measure after) the problem still exists.
When changing the page setting from A4 to A3, the MusicXml file is correct (no extra line-break or page-break, no invalid margin setting).

Note also that in the xml file, for the valid line-breaks, the right margin is sometimes +0 and sometimes -0 which probably results from rounding errors in the computation of the line length.

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You still didn't answer my last question: does it also happen with a current nightly build?
Only if it does, it stands a chance of getting fixed.
Also I believe there are options that control whether line breaks are ex- or imported.

I can confirm the spurious page breaks happen when exporting from 1.3. But there are no spurious page breaks I can see when exporting from 2.0. I have the option set to export all breaks, and the line breaks are exported correctly.

So the spurious break issue has apparently already been fixed. The margin issue I still don't understand. I see in the XML file - both from 1.3 and from 2.0 - the top, left, and right margins are all given as 56.6893, with scaling given as 7.056 and tenths as 40. I don't get the whole millimeter/tenths thing in MusicXML, so I can't say if these values are appropriate or not.

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I just check that the problem does not exist when exporting with the last nightly build (2013-12-28 ...). I was relecuctant to install a nightly build on my PC but it looks safe.
Thank you for your help

The page-layout margins are OK
On my system: margin 56.6929 divide by 40 multiply by 7.05556 = 10.00 mm which is my setting in MuseScore
I don't know exactly what means the left and right margin on the new page break; the problem was on these spurious new-page margin, not on the initial page-layout margin