text question

• Aug 6, 2017 - 18:15

I created a text over 3 different parts in the score, telling them not to play if the piccolo played an optional solo for several bars. All was well until I re-sized the score and this text fell on a page turn; half of the text was on the left page, half on the right. I moved the text over to the right page with the arrow key. All was fine until I went on to do something else, and the text in question disappeared altogether. It came back when I clicked the measure.I took a screen shot, but I can't manage getting that onto this message.
This can be overcome, I think, by re-typing the whole thing in a new location, but that is annoying, time-consuming and I am intrigued by why!
Thanks as always!


Even without attaching the score, though, I can make a guess.

MuseScore keeps track of where text elements belong by noting what notes they are attached to. If you try to manually move a text element far away from the the note it attached to, bad things can happen. And in particular, if you move it so far it is now on a different page than where it attached, it goes into a sort of "never land" where you can't access it normally at all. Solution is to select the measure where the text really belongs and hit Ctrl+R to reset the manual adjustments made in that measure. Now you can use the text normally. If you really want to move the text to another page now, don't just drag it, but cut it from where it is and paste it to where you want it.

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