Volta, Multibar rests and parts production.

• Jan 3, 2014 - 02:23

This is me asking for possible help AND coming up with a workaround that might prove useful to others.

In the extracted score that I will attach you can see that the first 8 bars are repeated TWICE before going to the "third" time bar.
Fine and all is dandy.
When I come to print out for eg. the 2nd Alto which isn't playing in this section of the piece at all, instead of getting 5 bars rest followed by 3 bars of 1st and 2nd time repeats in the first 8 bars, it lumps the 8 bars together and hasn't a clue what to do with the volta signs.
The workaround I have just come up with involves putting a rehearsal mark above the bar where the volta starts (see bar 15). This then creates the correct amount of 'rest' bars before the volta starts.
However it doesn't look good and from a rehearsal point of view, is completely superfluous.

Now I am sure that I have probably missed something in the software but on the off chance I haven't, I am hoping that my workaround will help others. Heaven knows I have quite a lot of help in here myself!

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Your workaround does indeed work. A more direct method is to right click the measure, select "Measure Properties", and click "Break multimeasure rest". Voltas *should* do this automatically, but they don't in the current version. This bug has already been fixed for the next version I am pretty sure.

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Just the bar that *starts* the volta - bar 6 - because that's where you want the multimeasure rest to break. The same measure, I assume, where you were proposing adding a rehearsal mark.

MuseScore knows certain things should break multimeasure rests automatically - rehearsal marks among them, which is why your workaround works. Voltas *should* be on that list but apparently aren't. So that's why you currently need to tell MuseScore to break the rest there - either directly, using the dialog, or indirectly, by placing a rehearsal mark, tempo text, double bar, or something else that triggers an automatic break.

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