Odd Behavior during and after Transpose (hard to get the right key, empty measures and multi-rests)

• Jan 9, 2014 - 00:50

Originally entered this chart as a full Big Band score. Then transposed it from F to Eb. Then pulled parts.

The problems (so far) are:

1. In File "At Last Eb Trumpet 1", the whole rests in meas 33-34 are offset to the right. They are OK in the score. When I turn on mult-rests, the 2-meas multi-rest overlays meas 35.

2. When trying to transpose the original score from F to Eb, I first tried to transpose by Key, but setting the key to Eb major produced nonsense. I then tried to transpose by interval. Trying to use a Major 2nd down produced more non-sensical results. In order to achieve an Eb output, I had to try several transpositions in sequence until I converged on what I wanted. There is also an instance of an incomplete measure (in the vocal part, meas 9 only has 3-1/2 beats).


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Looks like a few things are probably going on.

First, regarding the transposition: I've noticed that some things involving transposition go better if you are in concert pitch mode when you do the transposition. I suspect that when you tried to transpose to Eb, you had concert pitch off, and it put the top staff in Eb, which put everything else in different keys relative to that. I'd call that a bug, but anyhow, the workaround is, be in concert pitch when transposing.

Regarding the rests being off in the trumpet part - it looks like ylou have placed explicit whole rests in that measure in the score and then manually moved them into position (centered rather than left-aligned), rather than leaving the measures empty and letting MuseScore put measure rests there for you. The amount by which you manually moved the rests makes them look right in the score, but it isn't the right amount of manual adjustment for the part. Simply select those bars and hit delete to remove your explicit whole rests and replace them with true measure rests and they will be positioned correctly by default. Do it in the part itself if you don't feel like regenerating it, or do it in the score then regenerate the part. Probably a good idea anyhow to fix it in the score too, because that manual position also won't look right if your score layout changes (for instance, try inserting line breaks in that neighborhood).

Measure 9 appears to be corrupt in the vocal part. With all the triplets in your score, I can only guess there was some copy and paste that went awry - that's been known to happen with triplets. Measure 8 looks suspect as well, which I say only because attempting to select both it and 9 then hitting delete doesn't work to fix the problem in measure 9 but selecting just measure 9 and hitting delete does. Except that "phantom" lyrics are left behind either way. Worst case, complete delete those two measures (Ctrl+Delete), insert new ones, and re-enter the music for all staves.

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