Soundfont not working on linux!!!

• Jan 13, 2014 - 17:20

The generaluser soundfont isn't working on my linux computer (it worked when I had windows). On the synthesizer where you select your soundfont it doesn't have an icon like the others, and when you select and try to play it no sound comes out

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Which version of Linux??

Which version of Musescore?

How did you install the General User soundfont?

This could be a permissions issue - have you checked to see whether MuseScore has permission to access the file?

I need to know the answer to the first 3 questions before I can attempt an answer.

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Yes I unzipped it and that made a new folder and I found the sf2 file in that folder. Then I moved the soundfont over to where my other soundfont files are using the "gksudo nautilus" terminal command (otherwise I don't have permission to add anything to that folder).

What is FTP as ASCII?

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