Slurs not carried into parts

• Jan 18, 2014 - 15:38

I have found another bug in 30e0623. It seems that slurs are not carried forward from the score into the parts for vocal parts. It is easy to reproduce the error.

1) Create a new score with at least one vocal line
2) Add notes and some slurs to the vocal stave.
3) Create a part for that line.

You will see that the slurs have disappeared in the part.


Seems there is a bit more to it than that - I just tried it with a score I had open, and found slurs on one staff were propagated, slurs on the other were not. There were two staves - the top worked, bottom didn't. Also, FWIW, slurs added to the score after the parts are generated do link correctly.

Anyhow, have you used the issue tracker yet? This should be submitted there, with more precise steps to reproduce (since results seem dependent on the specifics of the score).

EDIT: possibly related to #20082: Fall/Doit export to parts does not work and/or #22988: Slur on grace notes are not propagating from an ensemble score out to the individual part scores.. There are a number of other similar issues.

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