Slurs Not Carried Into Linked Parts

• Jan 26, 2014 - 04:10
S4 - Minor

In version 2, when a score is created (but no parts), slurs are only carried into the linked parts for the first instrument or voice. For all other staves they are missing in the parts. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem.

1) Create a new score with at least 2 instruments or voices.
2) Enter some notes on both the top and subsequent staves.
3) Create at least 1 slur on both the top and subsequent staves.
4) Create parts for all staves.

You will see that the slurs are carried forward to the parts for the first stave but none of the subsequent staves. It is worth noting that if the parts are created before entering anything, then the slurs do seem to be carried forward to the parts. It is only on initial part creation that this does not work.


I have noticed that if you have parts already set up before adding slurs to the score, then slurs added to score will propagate to all parts.