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• Aug 10, 2017 - 15:26

Is there a way, I can run a Muse Score - Player on my own WebSite,
playing sound and showing notes at the same time,
Same, as at


Thanks for Information.
I would prefer to avoid posting to, because my scores are for restricted use (closed user group)

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I have a real use case for this. I use embedding of score to make the scores for the choir availabe on a website in password protected page. If you have arrangements of music from some artists, musescore will automatically switch your "unlisted" scores to "private". I think the is no copyright violation, if you make the musescore score only available to the group that has purchased the original from the publisher.

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Maybe I still misunderstand something here. I have an arrangement of "can you feel the love tonight", for which the choir purchased one copy each from the publisher. I upload my musescore transscript and get the message attached in the snippet after a few minutes/hours. I cannot click on "I believe your are wrong" - because the statement is correct. The score is truly related, but is was unlisted and published only to the group that has legal access to it.

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Do they have legal access to the MuseScore upload?

Maybe the publisher only grants you all access to the format that you purchased and no entitlement to make a shared MuseScore version. If this is the case then may have to make it private to comply with copyright. How can the publisher be sure that you won't accidentally share the score with people who have not purchased a copy?

This is a real world reason why private scores should NOT be shareable. However, this would be easy to circumvent by simply sending all your users the MS file, (not that I'm suggesting that you do this.)

You could make videos of your scores and share via YouTube with your user group.

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