Lyrics disappear after save/reload

• Jan 24, 2014 - 01:59

Amen.mscx MuseScore v. 1.3 Revision 5702

Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OSX Version 10.6.8

Thank you all for a great program!

However, I have a piece scored for SATB choir (with divisi in each part, sometimes utilizing voice 1 and voice 2) and piano. I add lyrics to each voice part (the musical phrases overlap, so lyrics for each part do not line up vertically). I can print the score before closing and it prints correctly.

The file was originally imported from another program (Notion for Ipad) in XML format and heavily edited.

After saving and closing, however, upon reloading the file, all the lyrics for the ATB parts seem to be consolidated into the Soprano part and disappear from their respective parts. I've tried reentering the lyrics in the parts, saving, closing, reopening, and the same issue happens repeatedly. The staves with the missing lyrics get closer to each other, as if lyrics were never entered.

Many thanks for anyone's help!


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I can verify that if I add lyrics to the alto part and save, they disappear on reload - or more accurately, they get subsumed into the soprano part. If I open then open the score with the development version (eg, what will eventually become 2.0), the lyrics appear in the alto part as they should, but other things look messed up (time sigs before key sigs, fkirst measure looks corrupt in Soprano part, etc). So I'm guessing something went wrong in the original MusicXML import. Either the file itself is not valid, or MuseScore did something bad with it.

It would be useful to have the original MusicXML file to see if this import issue is reproducible - in particular, if it's reproducible using the development version.

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Thank you for your attention.

Here is the original XML file. The short story is that I cut/paste the last 9 bars of this XML file into yet another new one in order to extract the "Amen" portion only. I'm fairly sure I then deleted the lyrics and reentered them in order to simply increase the font (something Notion doesn't seem to allow, at least easily). That's when the "fun" started.

Incidentally, the same happens whether I "save as" as .mscz (compressed) or .mscx (uncompressed). It reopens with the same issue.

Again, many thanks.


Yih'yu L'ratzon rv.xml

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When I impot your XML into the either 1.3 or the development build, I don't see any problem with lyrics, including if I copy and paste into a new score. So whatever went wrong the first time may have been a fluke, or maybe you are doing something wrong. Can you still reproduce the problem starting from scratch with this MusicXML file?

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