export only png or Pdf? Wy not jpeg/jpg and gif extension?

• Aug 12, 2017 - 17:15

Dear reader,

is there an opportunity to install or to get the possibility for export a score in jpeg/jpg or gif?

For any support thanks


Those are not good formats for plain graphics like a score - they are bigger than necessary and/or lose clarity because of the compression applied. Those formats are optimized for photographs, not music. There shouldn't be any advantage to using JPG for music - only disadvantages.

That said, if you do have some unusual special case situation that requires use of JPG or GIF, there are any number of third-party graphics converters out there.

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In personal experimentation I did on this yesterday, I discovered that the PNG file was better than the SVG. Not only is it smaller (much, much smaller), but the graphics showed up far more sharply when the image was imported to LibreOffice Text. The image from the SVG showed a sort of pixelated "stepping" to the curves of the musical slurs, whereas the PNG image had a smooth, crisp line. In most everything else, they appeared identical. After my experiment, I have no more use for SVG--it's PNG for me!

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