Problem with Repeats and Voltas

• Feb 4, 2014 - 01:21

In the attached file, the double repeat barline at H does not display the "wings". The repeated 12 bars at G are not intended to be included in the repeat at H. Oddly, the wings do display on the double repeat on other parts from this tune, where there are also line breaks.

Also, the Voltas at H have strange lines - if I remove the line break just before I, the Voltas appear correct.

Thanks for the help.

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It seems wings are not implemented for the double-sided repeat sign itself in the current version of MuseScore. So if you place this symbol mid-system, no wings appear. If you place it at the end of the system, then the double-side repeat symbol is not actually used normally - you get a closing repeat at the end of the first system and and opening repeat at the start of the next. But there is a bug where a phantom "courtesy" open repeat occurs at the end of a system after a multimeasure rest, and I guess that's why this is being generated for you. I can't quite tell what you mean to have happen, but I would note that if you delete the open repeat at H, the double-sided repeat at the end of G turns into a closing repeat (with wings).

The voltas are indeed strange. Hard to say what might be going on without seeing the score this was presumably generated from.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the double-side repeat is correct between G and H. I can live with it until 2.0 surfaces.

As for the voltas, I don't have the full score file right here, but I can offer the following: If I turn off multi-measure rests, then the voltas look normal. To make them look right with multi-measure rests on, I have to first put a line break at the end of volta 2 with the multi-rests off, then turn them back on and put a line break on the 2-bar multi rest in volta 2. It looks OK and the repeats are correct. If you still need the score file, then I will be able to send it tomorrow.

This has stimulated another question - is there a recommended procedure for using line breaks with multi-measure rests? If I put breaks in with the multi-rests off, then when I turn them on the breaks disappear. If I put breaks on the multi-rests, it seems to work (except for the volta case above), but when I turn the multi-rests off, the breaks are in odd places...

Thanks again...

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I was assuming this part was originally generated from a score. If so, then yes, having the score would help understand how the voltas got to be the way they are. Plus it would allow us to see if the problem is reproducible when generating the parts in the development builds for 2.0.

As for recommended procedure with mm rests & line breaks, I get the impression you are already off the beaten track a bit. I would say recommended procedure would have you never toggling the mm rest option yourself in the first place. They default to being off in the score, and you can add line breaks to the score all you like. Then, when you generate parts, mm rests are automatically turned on, and the score's line breaks are ignored since they likely won't make sense for the part. So you add new line breaks with mm rests turns on - and except in rare special cases, there would never normally be a reason to turn mm rests off in the part. mm rests start off being "off" in the score and *remain* off. They start off being "on" in the part and *remain* on. So the issue you are talking about where you are inserted line breaks with mm rests then turning mm rests on - I am struggling to imagine how that would ever even come up.

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The part was originally generated from a score (attached). This score is still in the "tweaking" process... Also attached is an updated version of the Trumpet I part, along with a PDF version of same that shows the correct volta behavior. I achieved the latter by turning off and then immediately back on the mm rests, then applying a line break in the volta 2. The "new" Trumpet part does not load showing what the PDF shows if MS is started fresh, but it will reload ok (most of the time) if the file is saved/closed and re-opened without closing MS.

Re: mm rests and line breaks - I used your suggested procedure from the start - I only turned mm rests off and on to try to troubleshoot the volta situation.


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