not playing the guitar 8va

• Feb 13, 2014 - 19:57

I put 8va over one of my guitar parts because I don't want to change the system distance but it's not playing the notes an octave higher. Yes, the line goes to the end of the measure.


Please post the score. I just created a new one with classical guitar, added some random notes, dropped the 8va on the first measure and extended it properly (shift-arrow) to cover the first two measures. The covered area plays up the octave, the rest jump down to normal range.

As you have found, if you enter notes after placing the 8va then they don't sound an octave up. As stated, when you reload (and save) the file then the 8va gets applied to all notes. As an alternative to reloading the file you can type [Ctrl]-xz which first deletes the 8va and then undoes the delete; when the 8va gets re-instated, MuseScore re-applies it to all the notes under it.

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