Bug : 8va line of 1st staff appears on 2nd staff when creating a part file

• Feb 13, 2014 - 21:02

Version 1.3 rev 5702.
I create a Piano+Bass score, with a 8va line on the Piano. I save the file and then reload it. I setup a part with only the Bass and create the part file : in this generated file the 8va line is applied to the Bass. The playback is also affected.
Attached : the file I created to show this bug


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I simply added the 8va line with a drag&drop from the palette.
I aggree with you, when you add a new 8va line, it is firstly not propagated on the Bass part.
But, if you save the file, close MuseScore, reopen the file and then generate the Bass part -> you'll get the 8va line on the Bass. Same thing if you simply use the File > Reload from the menu.

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Confirmed. Seems already fixed in 2.0 - at least, I am unable to reproduce this in a development build.

Not sure what is triggering it here. In general, 8va lines don't behave this way as far as I know. Seems to only affect scores with 8va markings on the *top* staff, but even then, I don't know if it always does this - seems I'd have noticed it before. Although I guess maybe I have but just deleted the spurious marking and never given it another thought.

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