Copy pasting to multiple measures

• Feb 13, 2014 - 23:54

Sometimes there are parts that repeat the same for many measures, like a bass guitar or drums. It would be cool to be able to copy & then have the option to paste it into multiple measures with one click. Like a dialog box that asks you how many measures you want it to repeat in.


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One-click would make it easier to mess up. Actually, R usually works and most of the time when it doesn't it's likely because of my own error. You have to ensure you select all the notes and rests and not miss out any. You also can't just select a whole measure by clicking in the white space.

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I think "R" works all the places where it supposed to work, but there are situations where maybe someone would expect it to work but doesn't.

My understanding, which could be wrong as I have also been using the 2.0 builds a lot where things may be different, is that when not in note entry mode, "R" works on the selection to duplicate whatever is currently selected immediately afterwards. It's like a shortcut for "copy, left-arrow, paste". Luckily, the act of pasting leaves the new copy selected, so hitting "R" again repeats the operation, allowing multiple copies.

In note entry mode, the behavior is much less predictable to me. I think maybe it repeats the last note entered, even if that was days ago?

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