Can only load software as Administrator

• Feb 15, 2014 - 21:34

I have installed MuseScore on my Windows 7 system. I have all the latest upgrades. When I installed the software, it loaded, and I was able to use it effectively, and save what work I did. I closed the software. When I tried to reopen it, it would not open. My screen flashes for a fraction of a second, so I assume it is putting up an error message. However, the message is gone so quickly that there is no way to determine what it says. I uninstalled the software, and reinstalled it. Same problem. I can 'Run as Administrator,' but it always stops and asks if I will allow the 'unknown software' to make changes to the system. I went in to permissions on the .exe file, and on the top software folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore" and gave full control to my user. I am the only one that uses this computer. I still have to run as administrator, and give permission to make changes to the system every time I open the software. (I can't give you a screen shot because it will not 'print screen' when the message is on the screen.) This is the only piece of software I have that does that. What do I need to do?


Are you sure it's MuseScore itself you are trying to ruin and not the *installer*? The MuseScore executable would be C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore\bin\mscore.exe. It should not require administrator privileges.

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Marc, thanks for the reply.
I am sure it is the .exe file, and not the installer. The Installer is in my 'downloads' folder. I set permissions on the .exe file, and on the top level folder to be certain I had all permissions to all other files the program might need. I agree that the installer would respond that way, but it also asks several other questions (ie licensing agreement etc.) This is not doing those things, only asking to change my system.

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Hmm. I know there is some sort of bug / quirk in Windows where setting Run As Adminstrator doesn't stick if you do it from the wrong folder. No idea if this is related, but it sort of rings as related in some way. Unfortunately, I don't remember enough details to even give you a good link to more info.

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Understood. But it doesn't normally work that way, so I'm trying to guess what's different in your case. Are you saying you never touched the "run as administrator" option until after the problem appeared? As you say, you shouldn't *have* to. I was just thinking that maybe if you did for some reason, you may have inadvertently triggered the bug.

What folder did you download the installer too? Can you re-download it and put it in your Downloads folder if you didn't already do it that way?

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Marc - I always download to my download folder. I didn't try the 'run as administrator' until I had tried everything else I could think of. I uninstalled and deleted everything, then re-downloaded and re-installed. I tried running directly from the .exe file. I do not know what else to try.

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