Measure ten second E. Guit. is 3.75 beats instead of four

• Feb 16, 2014 - 17:23

MuseScore v.1.3 rev.5702
Mac Intel core i7 OS X 10.8.2

OK, so this one is fascinating, and has brought this score development to a halt.

Measure 10 of the lower El. Guit. part (the center staff) has 3.75 beats in it. All of the measures above and below have four measures.

I checked in measure properties to be sure that it was a four beat measure. You can see where the trailing 16th note has pushed into the next measure, 11, and has modified the original chord from a whole note to a 3.75 beat agglomeration of notes. I have been unable to undo this, because I do not know when it happened.

How can I address this? I need to put a whole note in that measure.

I have attached the score and a screen shot of the activity, in case it rectifies on other peoples computers.

The problem persists when I close it down and open it again.

Further, this particular score likes to change my D chords into something else sometimes when I open the file for the days work. That one I can deal with, and may have even resolved.

Thanks for the help!


This sort of thing does occasionally happen, unfortunately. The score has basically become corrupt. The usual workaround is to completely delete the offending measure(s) then re-insert & re-enter the music. In this case, though, it seems less corrupt than usual. Simply selecting the measure and pressing Delete returns the measure to normal for me.

BTW, there are a small number of things known to lead to corruption, mostly involving oddball cut & paste operations (portions of triplets, passages that include portions of notes in different voices, etc). If you happen to notice this happening and can reproduce it - ie, the moment it goes from OK to corrupt - that would be worth posting about. They've fixed a bunch of the known causes of corruptions for 2.0, so it would be good to see if this is one of them.

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