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The problem I'm having is that edits I make to pallettes are not saved. I tried searching for a similar problem, but couldn't find anything. When I edit a pallette, there's no option to save changes (as described in the handbook ), and every time I close MuseScore and re-open, all of my pallette edits are lost. I've been trying to put the drums into some sensible order, but the problem is that it won't save any edits to pallettes I make.

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Something escapes me:
The image of 1.3 and instructions of Nightly?
Try this:
Create a new palette, named eg. Drumset 5;
Drag the symbols from the palette of origin.
But some problems remain :(

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Yeah it's the only reference to editing palettes I could find anywhere, maybe the save option is upcoming, but having the option to edit and all changes being lost every time is more a bug than a missing feature surely.

The custom palettes are unusable. I tried making one, and every note comes up on the top line, so I can't tell them apart, and I can't use them to enter in new notes anyway (they appear on the current cursor if you double-click, but you can't select them then click on the bar to place them).

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Yeah I read the drum notation section in the handbook and watched the video on palettes (which is actually about adding an instrument by the drumset editor, which makes it appear in the palette). I guess from that I could set the head of all the useless notes to "invalid head" to stop them from appearing on the palette, but it still doesn't fix the haphazard ordering of the notes.

Upon revisiting, setting the heads to "invalid" to remove the useless ones doesn't work. It looks good in the palette, but when you go to actually add notes to the score, it adds a different note from the one you've selected (my snare was going in as a kick for example, it's probably entering whatever was in that position in the palette before you started removing some).

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Although there is a mostly undocumented and unsupported way of customizing palettes to some extent in 1.3, the real palette customization utility is come for 2.0.

But this has nothing to do with drums. The way to customize drum entry is not by using the palette; it is by using the "Edit Drum Set" option that appears if you right click a drum staff. This brings up a dialog that allows you to customize what notes are used for what drums, and when you hit OK, the results automatically reflect in the palette. You can also save those customizations via that same dialog and load your custom drumset into any file you like, or save it as part of a template so you don't have to bother loading.

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Well, any changes you make in the drum set editor *are* automatically reflected in the palette - if you add a note, change a head or position or stem direction, it shows in the palette. At least, it does next time you open the palette; it might not update right away if the palette is already open.

But it is probably true you can't change the order. I assume it is always in MIDI order, but I've never really thought about it.

Optional reading - a short rant an why I'm actually trying to do this...

What I want is to have the top line
Crash, closed high-hat, kick, snare

Which would cover most of my notation, and the second line
Ride, tom 2, tom 3, tom 5

and then china, splash, hat foot and so on, followed by all the stuff I'll never use (like tom 4, which is just a floor tom with the stem pointing the wrong way).

By default it has
Kick, another kick, rim click, snare
Another snare, floor tom, hat, floor tom with the stem the wrong way up
Foot hat, mid tom, open hat, small tom

Like, I have to go through rim clicks before I even get to snare or hat, and crash and ride are down on the fourth line past two identical toms I'll never use. If I want to put in a snare or a kick I need to remember whether to use the one on the right or the left, and the small and mid tom are not only interspersed with an open hat, but the wrong way around, and on a different line from the floor tom.

Ideally I would actually like to have all this on shortcut keys too, but I can only use ABCDEFG as keys (which a. makes no sense on percussion, b. makes no sense on a non-Qwerty layout [I'm using Svorak], and c. doesn't really make sense in terms of how the keyboard is laid out). What I really want is to use my keyboard like a staff, so 1 for crash, Q hats, A for snare, and Z for kicks (which goes from top to bottom on the keyboard the same way the notes do on a staff, and can all be reached with my left hand while I've got the mouse ready to actually enter the notes).

I probably sound frustrated, and I'm actually not, I find MuseScore pretty straight-forward to use. It's just that what I'm trying to do with it seems reeeeeally logical when you look at the hop-around that's there now.

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Well, you can certainly remove the drums you don't use. In the drum set editor, set the head to "invalid". Then next time you open the palette, it's gone.

Again, no way I know of to customize the *order*, which is indeed a shame, but you can certainly streamline things a lot. I have my drum palette set up with just a dozen or so notes, and I have all seven of the available shortcuts assigned to my most important notes. Between that and then using arrow keys to move to some of the lesser notes, I hardly ever actually use the palette. But when I do use the palette, it's nice and simple.

BTW, being able to assign more shortcuts would indeed be nice, but a complicating issue is that it is awkward to get shortcuts to do different things in drum versus regular note entry mode.

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Hey you're right, upon revisiting that does actually work. Maybe the time I tried it and it was entering the wrong notes, I was using a file that I'd mucked around with in Notepad++ (I tried editing the XML directly to see if I could change the order that way).

Using the arrow keys to change a note is part of the reason I wanted to change the palette. My most common change is turning all the hats in a bar into rides (to fix human error in transcription), and turning a hat into a crash (for when I copy and paste a bar which is the same save a crash or two). I need to go through a lot of bumf in an order I'll never remember, to swap cymbals that logically would be next to each other. It's much better now that I've gotten rid of all the stuff I'll never use, so thanks heaps for letting me know that it does work if you do it that way.

I only write drum notation, so I'd be happy to assign global shortcuts to particular drums, but I don't have the option. Even being able to use any key, rather than just A-G would give me the ability to make it pretty streamlined and logical.

I think my setup's as good as it gets for the current version, and that's pretty good. Thanks heaps guys, it was great to get a feel for which avenues are the right ones to go down, not to mention figure out a solution.

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