Musescore unuseable on an iPad-pro

• Aug 28, 2017 - 23:50

About two years ago I bought myself a brand new iPad-pro. I expected it to be capable of using Musescore, the full program and not just playing already written songs. That is still disappointing me, cause it still ain't possible yet. Why oh why? Is that such a difficult task to rewrite the programparts which make this possible? Or has it something to do with rights in certain case?
Can and will somebody make this possible. I know I'm not the only one with this question.
Thanks in advance.


It is indeed not possible to run MuseScore 2.1 on iOS currently. Making MuseScore work for touch input (finger or pen) is just one of the most obvious challenges. But the less visible ones are even more challenging. The same applies to Android btw.

Strategically, the best way to make score writing/editing possible on iOS/Android would be to start with a minimalistic scratchpad app. Once the most minimal feature set works as expected, you can work your way up adding more features.

Currently all focus is on making MuseScore 3 happen, which will come with a smart layout algorithm as well as performance optimisations. Interestingly enough, the results of both these developments are greatly beneficial to such a scratchpad app.

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You’ve finished Musescore 3... and when I look for music notation softwares on IPhone, I find free stuff like Flat. I probably will have to use that instead of Musescore since MuseScore does not have one. If others can do it, I’m pretty sure it’s possible in 2020.

Note you can run MuseScore on a tablet running Windows. It's not especially touch-optimized but works well enough, and many people do use it that way.

I also assumed there was a Musescore version for iPad (Pro), which I have been planning to buy. I already use Musescore on my Mac and am very happy with it, and planned to use it (for creating and editing) on a new iPad, so am very disappointed it’s not available in an iPad version.

Is there a way to fund a "Musescore Mobile/iOS" project specifically? Wouldn't mind contributing if possible (I'm sure many others wouldn't either)? :)

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I agree to that! I am from Germany and since corona started, German government supports digital learning and spent 3,5 Billion Euros for pupil's digital learning. Very many of them are given I-Pad pro 14 - in my town Bremen even EVERY pupil. it would be great if they could use Musescore in music lessons and as a music-teacher i would like to support a fund!

I'm interested in this topic.
Thousands could benefit from adding touch input support, at least on iOS.

Is there a good starting point for this, as a contributing developer?

I'm a late bloomer with Alto Saxophone, so I have only recently come across MuseScore.
Downloaded it for Windows.Awesome notation tool.
Bought myself a brand new Ipad pro last week, mainly for using MuseScore, only to download the app and find the limited functionality. I also found it stupid that I need to buy the pro version just to view my own files in it, unless I save them as a PDF and view them in IBooks,
2 years ago the OP posted, and nothing has changed.
I guess I should have done my homework before buying the Ipad, but found it to be a major disappointment.
Surely there must be a load of people in the same boat......

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