Unable to move from a note to the next when keying in chinese lyrics

• Mar 7, 2014 - 03:38

I was unable to move from a note to the next note using space bar when I was keying in chinese lyrics. I have to click to the note and press Ctrl+L for EACH NOTE. Please help to solve the problem. Thank you.


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I have the impression that the problem is not in the score. I've tried using the system mentioned above:
I copied the string
小 猫 咪 小 猫 咪 眼 睛 睛 稀 稀 稀 稀 稀 零
I have highlighted the first note, Ctrl + L;
With Ctrl + V I pasted.
On Vista it works.
Before, I think, you did not have this problem (I am referring to 来 上 主 日 学)
Maybe you changed the operating system? Check the settings of the keyboard and the shortcuts:
Preferences / Shortcuts (in case a command is assigned to the space bar)

I have deleted the short cut of 'space' in playing music. Somehow, I still can't move from a note to another to key in the chinese character directly using space. I can only type the lyrics with space in between each character in MsWord, copy it, click on the first note, Ctrl+L, Ctrl+V to paste the characters, if there is no space in between the character, it'll paste the whole sentence for one note.
Yes, previously I used Vista, now has changed to Windows 7.

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