How do you notate suspended cymbal music?

• Sep 3, 2017 - 22:33

I'm trying to write a piece with suspended cymbal. Some helpful things to know would be:
1. How do you articulate letting it ring and stopping it
2. Where on the staff should the note be, and what note heads should I use
3. What kind of different articulations and notes are there that are commonly used in suspended cymbal music


  1. Type in the normal length of the note. for example: if the sound is 4 beats long, write it as a whole note.
    for Cymbals: "o" is used as "open" symbol and "+" is used as "closed/muted" symbol.
    If you want to start with an open cymbal and mute at the end of the same note: the "o" sign is placed to the left of the note and the "+" sign is placed to the right. ("tsssp" effect) o ♩ +
  2. for separate instrument: Write on a single line staff, with normal note symbols.
  3. Cresc. Sfz. > (accent) ; all dynamics (p, mf, f)
    a) Edge, Bell, Center, Tremolo (normal sticks)
    b) Roll (with soft mallet)
    c) Edge Roll (with hard mallet).

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