Cross staff beaming won't work

• Mar 17, 2014 - 00:28

I am trying to force some notes into cross-staff beaming, but using the Ctrl+Shift+arrow as specified in the handbook isn't working. Nothing happens at all. Could it be because it is a handbell staff and they're not "connected" somehow?

Examples of where I would need it are in measures 29, 31, and 57-58 (I left the notes in both staves in the hopes that it would make more sense). I have tried it after the extra notes were removed but it still didn't work. Windows 8.1, Musescore version 1.3.

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Comments common in piano music.
I added a piano part, copy/pasted everything into it. Deleted the braces and instrument name (piano). I tried adjusting the measures you mentioned (not quite sure). You can go over it, move text/other markings that weren't copied into the piano part. Maybe some beams still have to be flipped. Then go to menu item: Create / Instruments and delete the High/Low Hand Bells when finished.
See attachment.

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It looks right, but now I don't want to have to go back and re-enter all my dynamics and other text markings in the piano staff (though maybe that's the best option). What makes a piano staff able to have this feature? Is there a way to "turn on" cross staff beaming for a handbell score?

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What's special about piano is that it is one instrument with two staves, not two separate instruments. Cross staff beaming should work for any single instrument created with multiple staves. You can add staves to existing instruments using the same Add / Instrument dialog you'd use to add new instruments.

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Thank you for the answer, but one cancels out the other on piano (because it is one instrument). I think it would be useful if they implemented the ability to differentiate the dynamics for bottom and top staff on piano, and maybe even individual voices too, and at the same time keep the ability to make notes the cross the staves .

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