How to insert tempo appearance to "music notation = figure"?

• Mar 20, 2014 - 08:09

If I want to insert tempo in "music notation = number", e.g. dotted quaver = 72, instead of inserting the tempo text, how should I do it? Thank you.


As ChurchOrganist states - use the special character palette for dotted quaver, minim etc. Start by entering the text as " = 72" and then double-click on it, press F2 to call up the character palette, click on quaver, click on dot. For more complex notes (eg quaver, quaver with a 3 over it, swing notation etc.) create a small "score" and save it as a graphic.

Note that you still have to set the actual time (playback speed) based upon crotchets (quarter notes) per minute. So, if you have 6/8 time and state a dotted crotchet to equal 80 per minute than you have to set the actual speed to 120. For 72 dotted quavers per minute, set the speed to 54 (crotchets are 4/3 the duration of dotted quavers).

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