Drum notation question

• Mar 28, 2014 - 00:27

I'm trying to notate a samba/bossa line that has the drummer hitting the stick across the Snare Drum - kind of hinging it on one rim and hitting the opposite. I don't think this is a "side stick" stroke - what could I use to denote such a stroke?


That's known as stick rim, or rim click, or cross stick depending on where you are.

The notation seems to be an x notehead in the snare space, but as always with drum notation there seem to be a number of variants.


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Crosstick : when you put the stick across the snare head and you lift up one end of it to hit the rim while the other end (tip) rests on the head.

Rimshot : when you hit the rim the same time you hit the head...this gives off a loud hit.

Rimclicks : when you hit just the rim of a drum. Example: Intro to ZZ Top's La Grange.

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