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Hi, I'm arranging a score with some odd phrasing, and I'd like to adjust the spacing of the notes and rests to make it look better on the page when I print it out - I've attached a file to show the problem. The composer has put groups of 4 semiquavers, but the timing would demand quavers to make the right amount of notes in a bar. MuseScore has helpfully corrected the timing with an invisible rest. My problem is, that rest is taking up space - so when I print the music, there is a gap there. I've tried adjusting the leading and trailing spaces for the rest, but that doesn't help. I've also tried making the rests small - that helps a bit, but not enough. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm not really understanding. Isn't this just a pickup / upbeat / anacrusis? If so, then no need for invisible rests, which mess up playback as well as layout. Instead, simply right click the measure and set the desired "Actual duration".

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From what you're describing it sounds as though the composer wishes to indicate 8 notes in the space of 6 quavers and these would "usually" be shown as two groups of 4 quavers but I've seen them written as semi-quavers too and the meaning is pretty obvious.

I would tackle this in one of two ways:

Change actual measure duration to 3/8
Create two dotted-quaver rests
Click on each in turn and press [Ctrl]4
Enter the notes as semiquavers

This gets the appearance right but affects playback. If playback is an issue you can enter a tempo marking at half the speed of the rest of the piece, enter a tempo marking in the next measure to reset the seed and then make those markings invisible.

Leave the measure duration and speed
Create two dotted-crotchet rests
Click on each and [Ctrl]-2 to make them couplets or doublets
Enter the notes as semi-quavers
Make the tuplet numbers invisible
Add in a couple of '4's from the fingering palette and drag them to the correct places in relation to the tuplets.

So, having posted a question asking for help and then having solved it 10 minutes later, how did you go about it?

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I extracted the parts I wanted from the score, and changed the duration of the bars accordingly - either 3/8 or 9/16 depending on the sort of rest I wanted to lose. At the moment, I'm mainly interested in getting these printed out, but your second suggestion would be very useful for future reference - since I could do that with the main score, before part extraction. As I said, these things are dotted around, so I can't just change the duration on the main score, as that would affect other parts that didn't have a quadruplet at that point.
Thanks for the help!

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