Rehearsal Markings Disappear when Hiding Empty Staves

• Apr 9, 2014 - 21:06

Just like the title says, when I go to Edit General Style and check "Hide Empty Staves", the rehearsal markings will disappear along with the top staff, when the top staff is empty. I'm working with a Piano/Tambourine part...the tambourine only plays at the end, but it is on top of the piano in the score, so when I hide the empty staves of the part, the tambourine line is gone for basically the entire piece, and none of the rehearsal markings show. If I move the tambourine below the piano in the Part, the rehearsal markings and tempo markings move with it, so that they overlap the piano part above it. How can I fix this so that the rehearsal and tempo markings stay at the top and do not disappear with the top staff?

I know that this has been fixed, I've seen the similar threads. However, the only solution I saw was a link to some code that makes no sense to me. Please either give me something to download and install or walk me through the steps of how to fix it myself, instead of slapping some random code in a reply and calling the issue resolved. I'm a composer, not a programmer. I'll even link to the original thread that resolved the issue.


There are two solutions to the rehearsal marks problem - 1]Wait until 2.0 is release or 2]Try one of the Nightly Builds (many of which will have other issues).

There is, however, a workaround for versions 1.x:

Choose the topmost stave that has notes in it
Create -> Text -> Stave Text (or [Ctrl] t)
Enter your text then right-click on it and add a frame.

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Markings added as suggested above would be indistinguishable from rehearsal marks in the score. But they won't be propagated to all parts. I guess you could maintain two versions of the score. One with rehearsal marks and *not* using hide empty staves; you would generate parts from this. Then have a second copy where you remove the reharsal marks and add ataff text as shown above, and turn on hide empty staves.

You could also seed the top staff with invisivle notes so it is never empty, amd hence never hidden.

Personally, I thnk the "hide empty staves option" is just not worth the bother in most cases. As a conductor, I don't like working from "condesnsed" scores anyhow - I'd rather work from a full score. So I figure it's just as well if the option doesn't work that well.

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That's true, really I'm just doing this for my piano/tambourine part, I'd rather not have the blank tambourine line at the top for the entire piece...another solution I've thought of would be to just put the piano above the tambourine in the score, although I would rather not have to mess up the score order.

Here is one way to do it. Since the bug does not effect Staff Text, you can make your Staff Text look like your Rehearsal Markings. So, here's the work-around in step form:

1) Enter all your rehearsal markings as Staff Text (Create > Text > Staff Text, or cmd+T).
2) Highlight all of the Staff Texts that you would like to convert into rehearsal markings.
3) Right click on one of the Staff Texts, and click Text Properties
4) Font = Times New Roman
Size = 14
Check the box marked "Frame"
Select "Box"
Width = 0.30mm
Round = 20
Margin = 1.00mm
Colour = Black
5) Voila! Your Staff Texts now looks like rehearsal markings. Of course, that is just the default setup for the font of a rehearsal mark. If you would like it to have a different appearance, just use the above format as a template and go from there.

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