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• Apr 14, 2014 - 12:43


Why is it impossible to open MuseScore by opening a MuseScore data file (*.mscz) from the Windows explorer ?
Even the default application for this type of file seems to be MuseScore, nothing happens when opening a data file.



This should work. Does MuseScore open otherwise (from the desktop icon, etc)? Are you sure you are clicking an actual ".mscz" file, not the backup file ".mscz," (with a comma at the end)? If so, are you sure MuseScore is registered as the default application for mscz files? What do you see if you right click a file and click the "open with"?

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Bonjour Marc,

I thank you for your answer.
I can open MuseScore form any shortcut (on the desktop).
From the MuseScore menu (File / Open ...) I can open the only *.mscz file in the folder used, and so everything is OK.
I know well Windows XP --> Windows 7, I am not often using Windows 8, but I defined MuseScore as the default application for *.mscz files (I checked it through Open with menu).

But I'll verify all that as soon as possible (the problem is not my PC).



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I have also this probleme with windows 7 i think (I could check in two weeks) when I try to open the file directly from my "usb cle" ... Musesscore is installed and normally open all mscz file ...

(it is just with one of the several computer on which I use musescore that does that....)

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That's weird!

Could it be some kind of user permissions problem?

Which version of Windows 8? Pro or Home?

Have you tried right-clicking the file to bring up its context menu?

What happens if you do that?

A screenshot of what happens may help.

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The PC with the problem is not mine, I can use it when I meet my friend ...
I don't know which WIndows 8 version it is.
Using the context menu from a right click on *.mscz in the explorer permits to define / check that MuseScore is the default application for *.mscz file, but by this way it is impossible to open the file ...
I'll test it again when I am able to use the PC.


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I strongly suspect that this is something to do with UAC (User Account Control) settings.

Out of the box Widnows 8 UAC is set to be stupidly paranoid about the user opening anything not Microsoft related, and the first thing a serious user needs to do is downgrade the UAC setting.

It may not be the problem, but it is the first place I wuld start looking.

The other possibility that immediately springs to mind is - have you tried open the file with Run as administrator?

If that works then you need to upgrade your friend's user status to administrator.

HTH - these things can be a devil to track down on Windows!

what I remember is that it showed me the windows "which applilcation open with" and detect only musescore as possible application,
and then I'm not sur but a message box with something like "musescore can't open .txt files"
As soon as I can retry I make screen capture

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