Anyway to get notes displayed as do-re-mi-fa?

• Sep 21, 2017 - 17:38

Getting back to singing in a choir...Wanted to know if there is a way to get the software to print notes in the do-re-mi fashion, as i learned it (French).


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I was just playing around with editing the out of the box NoteNames in English to see what it would take to edit it for someone who uses English but wants the Do-Re-Mi names on the notes. I realized that the "Save as..." icon and menu options both simply overwrite the existing file. I don't think it should do that.

In any case, using the Plugin creator makes it rather simple to change the letters to Names (C to Do, D to Re...) keeping in mind the above paragraph.

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Well, I can't get it. Since my system Windows 10 is in French, I should get the note name in the do-re-mi config. Do I have to do anything for the note name to appear? What I am trying to do is re-educate myself from the partition notation to the name, then to the sound. I would have thought the name would have appeared as I move the cursor on the note, but it simply goes blue, and the note sounds. In learning a melody, I would like to sing it with the note name first.

Hello dear musicians,

since musescore 4 the "note names" plugin displays the note names according to the anglosaxon system (A B C...). I tried to change the preferences, even for chords, but I didn't find the solution. In musescore 3.5 no problem you can display the note names according to the french system (do ré mi...)
Thanks for your help.

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Hmm looks like a bug to me, it should follow your language settings.
But I guess I know why: that plugin refers to MuseScore's translations of these, and those now probably have a different context, so the plugin would need to get change to reference the now correct context

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