Rogue lines across the page, linked to beaming

• Sep 24, 2017 - 08:20

I have a file that has been corrupted with black lines across the page (second row down) and which seem to be linked to the beaming of notes (first row, all highlighted in green when I select the black lines).

Is this a known problem and how do I get rid of it?



For the record, the problem is that while MuseScore supports beams across barlines, it doesn't support beams across system breaks. So if you are using the beam across barline feature and there happens to be a system break between the bars in question, you get this glitch.

The Reset command basically resets all the beams to the defaults, thus disabled the beam across barline feature you had (inadvertently, perhaps) enabled. For more info, see the Handbook under "Beams".

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