Correct Violin Range

• Apr 24, 2014 - 21:21

Currently, MuseScore has the range as going to a high F. As a violinist, I know that the standard range actually goes up to a high C (above the F), though I often need to play even higher.


MuseScore has *two* ranges it tracks for each instrument, labelled "amateur" and "professional". Bad labels, maybe, but the idea is, less experience violinists probably should not be asked to play outside the "amateur" range. So notes outside the amateur range are colored "dark yellow" (basically green), but notes outside the "professional" range are red. I think you'll find the high "E" is just upper end of the "amateur" range, and the "professional" range goes much higher. I think this is probably as it should be?

Reading about the double bass I found they have a way of playing notes past the fingerboard that have a very different quality than fingerboard notes and often I want to hear very high notes on solo violin. I will look at the professional range available here but I might want to use the scratchy overtone riddled extreme ranges:let me know what the alternatives are.

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