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• Sep 29, 2017 - 14:43

Hi all,
Is there a way to seach for a word AND another word WITHOUT this last word, as we can do elsewhere (~, " ", -, word or string), not to get billions matches ?


If you mean searching something but also inserting words you DON'T want to pop up, I don't think there really is that option. However, there are filters that may help you filter out popularity, instrumentation, etc.

Hope this helps!

To enforce the inclusion of a word in search results, prefix the word with +
To enforce the exclusion of a work in search results, prefix the work with -
To enforce the search for a sentence, use double quotes.

so when searching for test +test1 -test2 +"testing search", it will include test1, exclude test2 and include "testing search".

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For typo purpose in FR handbook (we need a space before " ? ", " ! ", " ; " and " : "), I had to search for the strings "Mac:" to replace them by "Mac():" (with a space).
The search engine thinks I'm stupid ? Double quotes have been overcome. Am I missing something ?
Anyhow the work has been done : no more "Mac:" (without a space) occurency left.
Have a try : ; six site pages (60 man pages), no true match.

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