Permission for Dutch translation

• Sep 30, 2017 - 11:17

Hi MuseScore! I wanted to make some changes in the Dutch translation (like 'dubbel bas' into 'contrabas' and 'bas-gitaar' into 'basgitaar'), but I don't have writing permissions yet ;)


Translations for MuseScore itself or for this website or the handbook? The former (and the words you mentioned are likely there) is done on Transifex and I don't think a specific permission is needed, just sign up, for the latter the admins need to give you permission see Shoichi's reply

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Double bass and contrabass are somewhat different though. It is the same instrument, but for contrabass the default sound is bowed, like in an orchestra , for double bass it is plucked or pizzicato, like in Jazz. Both can switch to the other sound and also to tremolo though.

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I would do the same in Dutch. On my pc, the standard sounds of MuseScore 2.1 for both instruments seem to be arco, so putting (arco) or (pizz) behind the name would make it confusing (and it would end up in the score as well).

edit: you can choose in the menu between plucked instruments and strings. The plucked instruments menu contains 'Akoestische bas' for jazz. In my opinion, I would just use one 'contrabas' in the Strings menu and the 'Akoestische bas' in the plucked instruments menu. But this discussion probably belongs in the Dutch part of the forum ;)

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