Two quarter notes and one half note played at the same time

• Oct 3, 2017 - 14:50

I am trying to create a piano score in 4/4 where I have a measure that has the right hand playing c&e as quarter notes, then e&a as quarter notes, then g as a quarter note and d as a half note and the last beat
is an f#. I can't seem to figure out how to get the half note into the measure. Each time I try to put it in, it deletes the quarter notes.


To clarify: each "voice" is a sequence of notes that is understood to be played independently and in parallel with the others. While inspired by singers, the feature is also used for e.g. organ music where notation is provided for each hand and the pedalboard. Only voice #1 enforces the rule of "there is a rest where a voice is not."

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Voice just has multiple meanings. Calling rhythmically independant sets of ones in the same stave voices is standard musical praxis since ages. Calling them layers like in some other notation software is non-obvious.

It maybe derived from human voice, but inspired?

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