Great user support from staff and all users

• Oct 4, 2017 - 12:21

To all of the fine people with Musescore Forum Support and Creators, including users:

I want to apologize for the screwy postings. I do have problems with plugins for whatever reason. Musescore is a great program. I did delete my account out of frustration and re-opened it.

I have Windows 10 Pro and for some reason on my 64 bit HP. Somehow I get empty plugin boxes, including the "Hello". Maybe the problem will be corrected or on my system correct itself. Musescore is a great professional notation software program. All of you are great in for your efforts to help users with Musescore, etc. Thank you!!!! ☺​

Best regards
Hadley Hazen

I'll post this message to general comments section.


No need to apologize.
In case it is needed, here a list of your posts and issues under your old ID:
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Importing xml files
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#256426: Empty Console in Plugins

Reg that last one: I have both Windows 10 and 7 Enterprise, both 64bit, and don't have that issue with plugin dialogs coming up empty with MuseScore 2.1 so there got to be something specific to your particular machine that is causing this.
Could it be a corrupt installation? Usualy reinstalling doesn't fix much, but a factory reset helps more, in this case however, a reinstall might help.
Be aware that MuseCore 2.1 is available from the Windows 10 App Store too, not only from the download page.

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