Music Theory Class Project - File won't open

• May 9, 2014 - 21:46

I was working on a music theory project for class on Chopin's Ballade in F major: rearranging the B section into a different minor.

I was nearly done, but when I was changing an accidental on a note, my computer crashed. When the computer was restored, I tried to open up the file again but it will not open. Nothing would happen; I would try to open it up by the "open" icon, but it would not show up, not even a blank page.

Can you help me get back my project?


The backup will be your best bet. An MSCZ file is just a text file wrapped in a ZIP archive, but your file cannot be opened in a ZIP program either - it's completely corrupt.

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You don't say what OS you are on, but if it is MacOS or Linux, you may need to set the option to sho hidden files as mentioned in the Handbook article - those OS's hide files beginnign with a period by default (which is why backup files are often named that way - to keep them out of the way until you need them).

If you are on Windows, say which version, and someone can direct you to where the Auto Save files are stored.

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For comma delineated backup files (having a trailing comma):
To successfully find and use (i.e. rename) backup files, all file extensions must be visible. That is to say, using Windows Explorer, if you navigate down into the folder which holds your MuseScore files, all file extensions must be visible for you to see both the .mscz (regular) and .mscz, (backup) file extensions.
If your score is named 'Ballade in F Major' it would show as:
Ballade in F Major.mscz

An available backup file would show as:
.Ballade in F Major.mscz,

See the difference?
If you cannot actually *see* the file extensions, you cannot rename them to open in MuseScore. You must first unhide them (in Windows) by using something akin to Folder Options and then disable the 'Hide extensions for known file types'.

For another type of backup, named session backup files, see:

Be advised that the folder containing the session backups:
might be hidden, so you may have to enable something like 'Show hidden files and folders' under Folder Options in order to navigate to it via Explorer.
Additionally, those file names are auto generated (a mixture of alpha numeric characters) ending with .mscz (so they won't have the same title as the score you are looking for). However they can each be opened in MuseScore (without renaming) to find the one you need.


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