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My apologies if this has been covered in a previous topic, but I did a search and didn't find anything obvious.

I'm having problems with text disappearing - see the attached file "MuseScore error-1.png", which is a screenshot of the demo file ("Bilder einer Ausstellung") just after opening up MuseScore. I started using version 0.9.4 on a clean install windows XP machine (no internet connection) a couple of weeks ago, and initially didn't have the problem, but after using the program for a few days, it would *sometimes* not show the text.

I upgraded to 0.9.5 yesterday, and now none of the text seems to show at all, and all my old .msc and .mscz files don't even show the lyrics at all.

I tried re-loading the default style (.mss) but nothing seemed to change. I also tried removing all traces of MuseScore from my system (uninstall + deleting the MuseScore program folder and also user data folders), restarting then reinstalling 0.9.5 but am still having the problem. Are there any other settings stored somewhere else that I need to remove/reset?

I know this is a bit of a long shot since I haven't been able to figure out how to reproduce the error, but does anyone have any ideas? It's a bit concerning that it's not even showing the demo file correctly...

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. :-)

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I just tried what you suggested, but am still having the same problem. I've noticed that the text is present on the page BUT it stays extremely tiny, no matter whether I zoom or not. Those tiny lines that are visible in the picture (where the text should be) are actually the text, and when I type they get longer and when I use the backspace key they get shorter.

Does MuseScore install any fonts or anything like that?

Out of interest, I tried the "Create Chord Chart" plugin on the demo score. When I tried to edit the chords on the newly created score, the text goes tiny. When I get out of edit mode, it goes back to normal. If I type anything while in edit mode, it stays tiny.

Any kind of debug info that I can get from MuseScore and upload?

Thanks again for your help.

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I can, although I just tried opening all the scores in the demo folder and they all appear to have the same problem AND the file modification times are from the beginning of August or earlier (i.e before I ever installed the program, ruling out the fact that I may have accidentally saved over them).

Can I concurrently install/extract 0.9.4 so I can compare them? I suppose I've got nothing to lose since 0.9.5 isn't working anyway...

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the problem is this: I did a composition, write lyrics underneath the staves. all seem to be alright and perfect. however, when i print the score, the font size automatically changes from 11 to 1 (too small). i have searched for answers for this problem in "musescore online help" but did not find any. you have suggested to other inquirers to use the text style editing. but it did not work. please help.

thanks for any assistance.

Same problem here.

I am using Muse score V.0.95.
All the text goes tiny, including the demo chart.
Editing the chord chart provoques the same problem
Reverting to factory is unsuccessful.
I tried many operations. Doesn't seem to work.
Any ideas ?

More information would be useful.

Could you double click on the text so that the text-editing toolbar appears then take a screenshot of the whole MuseScore window (including toolbars, etc). Attach the screenshot to a comment below.

Also could open a file that includes tiny text, choose File > Save As, and then attach a copy of the newly saved file in a comment below.

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I just tried to grape the info you want, but, ...It becomes normal again.
The only thing I did between normal and abnormal. I simply open a new file make some change of the font setting then save.
After that, all other files come to normal without any modification....

To answer David Bolton's post on Sun, 08/30/2009 - 21:09 "More information would be useful".

1°) I opened the demo score and verified the text was tiny. It was.
2°) I double-clicked on the text so that the text-editing toolbar appears.
3°) Took a screen shot : score tiny text.jpeg (attached).
4°) Saved the file as "scoretinytext.mscx (enclosed).

... and wrote this post.

I really hope this would be useful.
Good luck.

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I have no printer installed on my computer.
Could it be the problem ?

-- Edit --

Thinking about your last message, I found the following solution :

- I installed a generic printer device (even if I haven't one).
- Re-launched Muse score
... and all the text appears very clearly now.

So, when users experience tiny text, I suggest they install a printer, whatever it is.

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