Piano solo created from a copyrite choral arrangement

• Oct 8, 2017 - 04:17

I have received free samples of choral music (SATB) from a publisher when I was a church pianist in a small community in the US. A few of these were musically very good and I modified them to create piano solos. They have been for my personal enjoyment but I wanted to ask you if they could be uploaded to Musescore without infringing on the copyrite? Musescore is perfect for the task of printing a readable piano score.
I would appreciate your comments.


It all depends on the license of the music you received. Assuming free meant gratis in your case, doesn't mean you have permission to share it further.

In any case, you can upload your score privately onto MuseScore.

My suggestion would simply be ... "give 'em a call!" Explain your situation, and ask if they object. And if not, could they pretty-please mail you a letter, on their letterhead, to that effect?

In this ol' world, you can make a helluva lot of problems go-away (or, "never materialize") just by ASKING, FIRST.

And, who knows? They might be interested in licensing and selling your piano solos!

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