Bar lines and lines

• May 15, 2014 - 08:43

1. When adding a bar line, especially a final bar line, for some reason a note (sometimes but not always the first note) is changed to one an octave or more above top G. I usually then have to select the note, cut it and replace it with what was there before. And have another go at the bar line.

2. When adding a |2. line for the final ending, I find it very hard to position it. When I click on it in order to move it, it often disappears and I have to start again.

Am running Mac 10.9.2 and MuseScore 1.3 revision 5702.


*For PC's:

Sometimes (especially when using the mouse instead of the keyboard) you are still in Note Entry mode when you click as the mouse hovers over the score somewhere and this inserts an unwanted note.

You don't need to add a final barline. If you have empty measures after your piece, click on the first empty measure and then press [Ctrl][Shift][End] followed by [Ctrl][Del] - MuseScore deletes those measures and inserts and end-of-piece barline.

When adding a barline in the middle of a piece, click on the note or rest immediately after where you want the barline placed and then double-click on the barline in the palette. This trick also works well for other things such as clef signs.

When adding voltas, I agree it can be tricky to get absolutely right. I do the following:

Place the first and second voltas roughly where you want them (i.e. attached to the correct measures but not necessarily precisely lined up). Click on the first Volta, press [Ctrl] and click on the second volta then (keeping [Ctrl] pressed) press R. Still keeping [Ctrl] pressed, drag with the mouse until they line up with the second volta just at the start of the measure. For a final flourish, let go of the [Ctrl] button, double-click on the first volta and press [Ctrl] again and the left arrow six times. The result should be vertically-aligned voltas with a suitable gap between them.

*For Mac, replace any reference to [Ctrl] here with the Mac equivalent.

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It's not random - MuseScore only enters note entry mode upon specific commands. But I guess it helps to know what those commands are :-). Here's what I can think of:

1) clicking the N icon in toolbar
2) pressing N on keyboard
3) with a note selected in score, pressing a letter A-G (replaces current note and leaves you in note entry mode)
4) same but with Shift (adds note to chord, leaves you in note entry mode)
5) also with note selected, pressing Shift or Alt plus number (adds specified intervals to current chord, leaves you in note entry mode)

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I've saved the above, along with the previous advice, in my growing file of notes about MuseScore. I have the feeling it also enter Note Entry while holding down the left mouse button as I do when I'm trying to move the _______________
thing whose proper name I can never remember - ah, just got back to previous page: voltas. Thanks, anyway.

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