Can I rearrange notes and rests within a measure

• May 22, 2014 - 16:15

I wanted to change the phrasing within one bar of a score by changing note values.

Bar1 attachment is my original score.
Bar2 attachment is revised score.

I tried to change from bar1 to bar2 by changing note values and dragging around rests, but it did not work.

Is it possible to drag around rests within a measure to change phrasing?

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Hi, Jojo - Schmitz,
your answer about rearranging the rests and notes in one measure is unfortunately not efficient. Every time if I want to change the places of rests and notes in a measure I should fill some extra notes and then delete some of them in order to get the rests in their correct places. The autonomy of filling the rests in Musescore is one of the tricky point up to now. Is'n really a better way to solve this problem?

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You can change rest durations directly, without first entering notes and then deleting those. Just select a rest and then pick the wanted duration.

For you example above, to start from 1 and end up with 2.
1. Shorten the first note
2. Cut that 2nd note (Shift-click it so the whole chord + lyrics is cut as well)
3. Click the rest that appeared after step 1 (or press left arrow key)
4. Paste
5. Change the duration of the pasted note to make it dotted

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