How to play middle eastern music?

• May 23, 2014 - 19:56

does anyone know how to use musescore and play middle east music ( Arabic) which is based on quarter note?


MuseScore is for WRITING not for playing music as such. It has to be notated into the program.

If you are asking, "Can MuseScore notate Arabic music, perhaps but there are many more knowledgeable persons here who will respond.

It will help if you give more details.


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...even microtones (smaller than 1/4) are possible.
In compositions using Western (diatonic) scales, no tuning offsets are needed. Should you wish to adjust a pitch by a quarter tone, right click on it, then in 'Note Properties' you can change the 'Tuning offset' in order to hear it in playback.
100 cents = 1 semitone (or halftone), so +50 cents will raise a tone 1/4.
See attachment, and right click on a note to view the tuning offset.
The plugin may help if you have many notes to enter this way.


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That's wonderful, thank you so much
I was able to play " Maqam Rast" with 2two quarter notes
I assigned 100 Cents for each and 50 cents for C and B ( quarter note)
the problem those values change from measure to measure
I was hoping to assign a fixed value for each note during the whole piece of music
for example note C will always have 50Cent as a default value
that would be great
Thanks again 05-23C-2014.mscz

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Thank you, I have found the offset option under F8. I have another question for you if I might:
I play middle east music with my oriental Yamah A-3000 keyboard ank I can tune my desired scale on it. for exampel: I can set the E and B keys to -50 cents and then I can hear my favorite sound effect through it. My question is if I change the pitches of de same keys on the piano key bar within Musescore2 can I get the same sound effect through the speakers of my pc? I would like to use Musescore2 to write and listen Arabic/Persian music and I hope that it wil be possible.
Thanks a lot, Zaheri

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I have finally found the tuning option under the F8 key. but remains one question yet: How can I set the tuning up so that it remains the same during the hole notation proces with the virtual piano within musescore2 ?

Thank you, Zaheri

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You have to tune each note unfortunately. If you wanted every E to be 50 cents flat, you could right click an E then use Select>More... and check same pitch and any other applicable options and change all selected notes' tuning at once. I'm not familiar enough with the music to know if this is what you would want though.

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Thanks for trying anyway
Also, I have noticed that some accidentals on the palette ( such as slash-flat,...) and some elements of ornamentation ( like trill) are not functioning either
I have read somewhere that some items are turned off ( FALSE_VALUE) but I am not sure how to get access to the source

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FWIW, I'd avoid terms like "not functioning" when what you really mean is, "do not affect playback". MuseScore is a notation program, and these items (eg, trills, microtonal accidentals) *do* funciton in the way they are intended to function - they display and print on your score. It's just that they don't happen to have any affect on the playback.

Playback will always be secondary in importance to notation in MuseScore. But if you feel like helping implement some of these playback features, see the Development link in the menu at right of this page. It's definitely not as simple as turning on some flag, though.

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