Can only add 2nd voice notes to first beat of measure.

• May 26, 2014 - 22:07

I'm trying to edit a score that I scanned into MuseScore using the PDF Converter feature. I need to add missing notes back in that are part of the 2nd Voice.

Musescore lets me add 2nd Voice notes in for beat 1 of the measure but will not allow me to put anything in for beat 2 & 3 (time signature of the piece is 3/2). All beats are editable for Voice 1 but as soon as I switch to the second voice I can only put notes in under the first beat.

I've attached two screen shots showing where I want to add additional 2nd Voice notes (red box) but the cursor jumps over this area and will not allow me to add any 2nd Voice notes here. This doesn't make sense. It's like the second voice only has one beat even though the measure has more. This is a problem in several of the measures throughout the piece. Any ideas? I don't see anything that explains this in the Voices section of the handbook...


Screenshots don't normally help much - you'd need to post the score. Still, I can hazard a guess. If any voice is "incomplete" - like what would happen if you enter rests into voice 2 then delete them - it becomes impossible to then enter anything into those "holes". The workaround is to select the measure(s) then run Edit / Voices / Exchanges voices 1-2, *twice*. This exchanges the contents of voices 1 & 2, then sets them back again, but in the process, adds back the missing rests, since voice 1 is never allowed to have these "holes".

My guess is that the MusicXML file generated by Audiveris for this examples contains these same kind of "holes", and you can fix it the same way.

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