changing sounds

• May 31, 2014 - 16:23

I follow the book on how to change the sound to pizz for a section but can't right click on my mac. How can i do this on a mac OSX? Thanks


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Ctrl+Click is the Mac version of right click, not just in MuseScore, but in pretty much all programs that use right click on other systems. So I'm guessing you jsut aren't doing ti right somehow. Position your mouse cursor direct over the text - don't select it, don't click it - then press and hold Ctrl (key might be labelled with an Apple logo, not the word "Ctrl"?) and while still holding Ctrl and with the mouse cursor directly over the text, click. A popup menu should appear.

If this still doesn't work, maybe try practicing with other programs - as I said, Ctrl+click is the pretty universal Mac equivalent of right click, and it should popup a menu when applied to lots of different kinds of things in lots of different programs. For instance, in some web browsers right click on a link pops up a menu with options to open the link in a new tab or new window, save the link, copy the address, etc. And I assume Ctrl+click does the same in the Mac versions of these program.

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