Change appearance of notes - how to

• Oct 16, 2017 - 17:14

Hi Everybody.
I'm used to sibelius and in sibelius there are some features, that I have yet to find in musicscore. Maybe they are not there or maybe I just can't find them.

1) How do I "hide empty measures". Lets say i have a break of 8 measure, can I change those to become one measure with the number 8 in them. This way they take up a lot less space in the score.

2) Can I change the appearance of the notes so they look different (se attachment)

Thanks Janus


Multi measure rests are toggled by pressing the M key. Of course all of the measures in a system have to be empty for this to work, so it is more commonly expected to be seen in a part.

As far as the note heads are concerned, the inspector has a Head Group and a Head Type setting that will allow you to change the notes heads as in your picture.

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A single measure cannot be made into a multi measure rest, the default for a measure is a measure rest that looks like a whole rest in every time signature. There is a setting for the minimum number of measures to turn into a multi measure rest in Style->General...->Score. It actually give the option turning a single measure into a "multi measure" rest, but I have never seen this in print.

BTW, normally you would never need to use the multimeasure rest command. MuseScore will enable multimeasure automatically when you generate parts from a score. And of course, multimeasure rests normally only make sense in part, not in the score. So unless you are for some reason not working with a full score but are only entering a single individual part, everything will work automatically. Same in Sibelius, FWIW.

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