how to improve sound playback in Songbook

• Oct 17, 2017 - 08:38

I had a problem with poor volume in Songbook on my Smartphone and a colleague gave me a solution which I'd like to share. In Musescore open the piece and highlight everything (ctrl A), hit F8 for Inspector, hit 'Notes' button at bottom, scroll down to 'Velocity Type' change from 'Offset' to 'User', and then change 'Velocity' to 127.
Hope it works for you too.


Note however this doens't improve the sound; far from it in fact. It simply makes everything louder, destroying whatever dynamics were originally in the music. So both soft and loud passage will be uniformly loud. This might be OK for whatever your special purpose is, but it isn't something that would produce good results for the usual purposes of listening to music with normal dynamic variation.

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