Repeats don't work as expected

• Sep 2, 2009 - 23:55

I am currently experiencing a problem with playback, where repetition don't work as expected. I have attached a PDF with the original sheet music I found and the MuseScore file I made from it.

If you're too impatient or you don't like listening to an Abba tune, here is a description of the problem. The score is built as follows:

A) Some measures
B) A start repeat bar line, followed by more measures
C) A segno symbol
D) Yet more measures
E) A coda symbol
F) One measure
G) Three measures under a prima volta line and ending in an end repeat bar line
H) Seven measures under a second volta line
I) The "D.S. al Coda" repeat text. The original sheet music uses "dal (segno symbol) al (coda symbol) poi seuge", which as far as I know means the same
J) Six measures
K) And finally, two measures placed between a begin repeat and end repeat bar line.

When I play the song, the first and second repeat of the main part play fine. After the second volta, the D.S. al Coda sends the playback correctly to the segno. However, the extra repeat does not stop at the coda - instead, it also plays the single measure between the coda and the two voltas (see F above) before continuing with the measures after the D.S. al Code (J). And then, at the very end, the final two measures are played only once rather than twice.

I have probably made some stupid mistake. Maybe I missed a symbol when copying the score into MuseScore (I am not a musician; I use this to be able to record an accompanying piano score for my kids' singing auditions). But after double checking everything twice, I still miss it. Please, someone tell me what I am doing wrong!

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Hi David,

Thanks for the comment. I did not find anything in the issue tracker that resembled my issue close enough, so I decided to create a simple repro and add an issue. You can find it at

For the time being, I'll try to find some way to work around this in the Abba score. Too bad it's a bug and not simply my mistake, as that would have been much easier to fix (both for you and me).

Thanks once again for all the effort you, and many others, put into this product.

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The coda sign belongs at the begning of the coda and you didn't have a "To Coda" anywhere. See attached.

Also make sure the repeat instructions are anchored to the correct mesaure. You can see the anchor position by dragging the symbol and looking at where the dotted line goes to. If it is on the wrong measure then delete the symbol and drag a new symbol to the correct measure. For example "D.S. al Coda" is attached to an earlier measure than you intended.

Seems great... until you move the signo to the bar where the repeat starts (bar 2 in your example), which breaks it :(

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