Can you edit scores after uploading them? How does it work?

• Oct 22, 2017 - 22:29

Hello, I am new to MuseScore. I was just wondering, if I upload something to MuseScore, can I still edit it? Do I have to re-upload it to show it's been edited? Thank you, and let me know if I didn't explain this well enough. :)


You can still edit after uploading and of course you have to re-upload to show the changes on
The only think you can edit on itself is the score informations

"Do I have to re-upload it to show it's been edited?" as Jojo implied the answer is yes. The long answer is how to update it. If you uploaded it from you have to upload it from there again. If you used save on line to upload it from MuseScore you can do this again and be given to option to replace the existing score.

Both answers from JoJo and Mike are correct but not complete.

You can upload a score via the website or via the File > Save Online ... facility in MuseScore.

To update you can either upload a new revision via the "Update this score" form on the website, or keep on using the Save Online facility.

If you do wish to start updating an existing score via Save Online after having it uploaded via the website, then download the uploaded mscz file first, next open it in MuseScore and finally use the Save Online facility to update the already uploaded score. The reason to download it first is because there is a link inside the mscz file which stores the link to the online score.

Hope this helps.

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Well, it does store that link on the first 'Save Online', and if saved locally after that too, that links stays, and there is no need to download it from first.
If you did not use 'Save online' though, Thomas of course is right, you local score has no way of telling whether you manually uploaded it to, so does not offer to replace an existing file.

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Thanks - can you help further ? I deleted an uploaded musescorefile , because I wanted to correct it.
When trying to upload the corrected piece, it is uploaded.
But - now you only see a blank page in the Forum without any notes.
Can I do something to reupload correctly , so the score can be seen in the frame ?

Kind Regards

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